Un entrepreneur innovant

An innovative entrepreneur

Allow us to introduce the driving force behind Sel Saint Laurent, Manuel Bujold Richard. Manuel, an innovative entrepreneur and the creative mind responsible for this unique project has made it his mission to transform how we perceive sea salt.

With a background as an established artist, Manuel's work has always revolved around opening dialogues on environmental and social issues. His passion for art and his natural epicurean spirit led him to a simple yet profound question: Why isn't there edible sea salt made in Quebec? Finding no satisfactory answer, he decided to take on the challenge, dedicated to bringing you the purest and locally sourced sea salt possible.

The birth of Sel Saint Laurent is not just a project; it's the perfect continuation of Manuel's life's work. Join us in celebrating this innovative entrepreneur's vision and the remarkable journey that has led to the creation of the finest sea salt right here in Quebec.

A local & ecological purchase

It is from Grandes-Bergeronnes on the Haute-Côte-Nord of Quebec that our salt is made. All of our choices are made to minimize the use of plastic and our ecological footprint. By choosing Sel Saint-Laurent, you are contributing to the local economy.
Flocons des profondeurs

Diamond flakes

The crunchy texture of the flakes is one of its most best properties. Quality flakes, these diamonds from the depths of the St. Lawrence will, we hope, spice up your dishes and enhance the happiness found during feasts with friends or family.

Quality and purity

In the depths of the St. Lawrence River estuary, the Labrador Current transports water of rare purity from the Arctic. In this deep water, called the mesopelagic stratum by marine biologists, light no longer penetrates and algae, plankton, krill, fish and pollution from the upper water layer do not mix with it. Our salt is made from this crystal clear water drawn from a depth of over 200 meters. This gives it a unique and delicate taste, less iodized than many other sea salts. Unlike salts from Europe that may contain plastic particles and even traces of coliforms, Sel Saint Laurent is extremely pure. Exceptionally, the spring and summer 2021 harvests will be produced from the shore of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. A marine protected area, where our water tests have allowed us to find a very good quality of water at the surface and a salinity rate of 30.5 gr per liter. This indicates that this water mixes with the Labrador current coming from the bottom and going up the cliff into the river to reach the surface. For this reason, our water intake is done at high tide. As soon as we get the permit from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the water will only be taken at 200 meters of depth as for the winter salt harvest in 2020. We want to make sure that people understand this particularity of our salt, which requires complex engineering and marine biology studies in a marine park that is unique in the world. We will therefore take the time to do things right so as not to create any problems in this precious ecosystem responsible for maintaining the life of whales and belugas among others. The taste of the salt is excellent as any other fleur de sel that comes from surface water.